Build your dream

Step 1

You have an idea for in or around your house. Next up you contact us to get to work with this idea. Firstly we will send you a registration-form where you need to fill in basic information such as size (length, width, height), complexity and personal preferences.

Step 2

We will present the idea to studio Stoerrr. Then the studio will start with the design and the architectural drawings. The communication between the costumer and studio will go through RitzKidz. This is also the phase where the studio will make a quotation for the costumer.

Step 3

The design and technical drawing will be presented to the costumer. When all is agreed upon, the costumer is ought to pay for the services delivered by the design studio.

Step 4

In this step we will offer to take on the production and placement of your project. When agreed upon, we will move to step 5. If not, our service ends here.

Step 5

We will present the plan (design and blueprints) to our contractors. Next up the contractors will make a quotation based on the drawings. When agreed upon the set price, we can move on to step 6.

Step 6

Ritzkidz will go to the location to indicate how the plan can be realised the best. When this is established, Ritzkidz and the costumer move on to step 7.

Step 7

The contractor will start with the project. During the assembly the costumer has the possibility to go to the contractor’s location to see how their project is being built. Prior to the placing, the contractor will build up the project on their own site to see if everything on par and complete.

Step 8

The contractor will place the project on site. Everything can be finetuned here. Lastly the contractor and the team of Ritzkidz will explain the family on how to approach the placed project.

Your dream has become reality