Studio Stoerrr

"The best of their kind."

Our partner, studio Stoerrr, has been designing and building kidsclubs and leisure concepts for hotels and resorts all over the world for years. The company has been working with the best architects and interior designers for many years, in order to deliver stunning results every time. Studio Stoerrr shows time and again that they are the best in their field.

"Dreams come true."

For years, the company has shown that the pleasure of a child is one of the most beautiful things to consider. This, of course, extends beyond a holiday. That is why we would like to give you the opportunity to apply a piece of Stoerrr in your own home. From tree houses to playrooms, nothing is too crazy! So now you can REALLY make your child's wishes come true. Please contact us directly.

DollsVilla by Liliane®

As a youngster, Liliane often experienced the inability of adults to empathize with the emotional life of a child. She saw the intention of her parents that proved insufficient to giving their offspring a safe and loving home. And yet she also saw her father's love for his children as he made a wooden seesaw and a swing. And the loving care of her mother as she worked by hand. The language of words turned out not to be the solution to bridge the distance, the language of playfulness and imagination did. She then decided to build a new bridge at a later age. It became the Doll's Villa, with which a child can show everything visually.

"A place where a child can be themselves."

Liliane's dollhouses are unique in their kind. A child should have the opportunity to express his or her emotions to parents/carers. Liliane responds perfectly to this. The language of play and portrayal are of paramount importance. It's not just toys, it's your child's household. The doll's house shifts the child's attention to his or her own life.

"The child is the boss of the house, you just come to visit."

The company is comprehensive for the mental and motor development of your child. Virtually all aspects of life show up when playing with Liliane's doll's houses.

"While playing, the child learns and communicates."

Ministry of Happy Walls

Als kind was ik enorm gevoelig voor mijn omgeving, aldus Jo van Gemerde, de drijvende kracht achter Ministry of Happy Walls.  Mijn wereld was magisch, sprookjesfiguren vulden mijn kinderkamertje. Mijn vader vertelde me zelf verzonnen verhalen.  Creativiteit werd  aangemoedigd.


De murals  van Ministry of Happy Walls passen bij de belevingswereld van een kind (of volwassen kinderen). De ontwerpen bestaan uit vaak meer dan honderden bloemen, planten. En vooral dieren. Kleurrijke dieren. En er is genoeg te zien om heel lang bij weg te dromen.