Vision and Mission

What is our raison d'être?

Our company's raison d'être is due to our sustainable and innovative outlook. We are both young, ambitious entrepreneurs who have actually rolled into this market. We soon saw that the sale of toys and bright flashing lights was not going to serve the child's best interests. We wanted to do more than just provide materials. This created a concept for a webshop that REALLY has the best in mind for both child and family. Our goal is to see a household really engaged with each other again. In doing so, we want to give a sustainable lesson to the young beans. Through timely awareness, children in the future will handle the environment with care. We're taking it just a step further to achieve these goals. Durable products, constructions, children's rooms, renovated furniture are all examples. These services will really show the child that there are so many ways to have fun and learn. With this plan we aim to work towards the three previously mentioned points:

  • Sustainability
  • Fun
  • Education


The subject of sustainability is one of the hot topics in the world today. Many families in the Netherlands are switching to solar panels. Families recycle better and better, so waste is better separated. This sustainable thought should be passed on to the child. Children must be explained why we work this way. We want this thought to shine through at RitzKidz. The majority of future products on our website are sustainable and this is also explicitly explained on the website. We want this mindset to shine through to the child. By offering a service in which customer’s furniture is renovated to be reused. We do not only want the product, but also a story to give to child and family. Because of this, a child starts to see the importance of sustainability at a young age. In this way, the individual can later look at life with a progressive view. We prepare the "little heroes" to deal with the planet in the best possible way.

Joy and education.

Valerie and I both grew up in the middle of the private tech revolution. This means that we both went from building huts to games on a tablet. We learned to have fun and learn in every possible way in life. From a few old wooden plates we made a hut where we could entertain ourselves for days on end. From old bottles we made "kitchen utensils" for our hut. We were engaged in innocent fun and it taught us a lot.

Nowadays, we see that children have a growing tendency towards technology. Children need tablet or phone to play games on it or surf Youtube. There is nothing wrong with the technical platform. However, we see that there is an almost complete shift of preference towards this side. As a result, it is possible to observe a stunt in development, especially on an interpersonal and social level. Our company aims to bring 'busy playing' back to child and family. We would therefore like to see playful learning return within families. That's why we also look to products such as the doll's villa and the building blocks. These are both products that encourage the child to be busy with what they are playing with. The degree of awareness and the use of emotion ensures an incredibly good development of the child. A child's world should consist of more aspects than a screen with pixels.

Many children will not warm up to generic playing corners. That is why we offer a service (Build your dream) where family and child can make their wishes come true. In cooperation with a contractor and design studio we can make dreams come to life. Self-made play equipment, tree houses, man/woman caves, children's or playrooms, etc. We want to reintroduce people to what can be done in and around the house.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to teach the child and family about sustainability. In doing so, we want to put ourselves on the market with the personal designs to distinguish ourselves from the rest in our industry. We want to deliver fantastic, personalized projects/products to the customer. Ultimately we want to have a wide range of products on the website which justifies the aforementioned. In addition, many products will have an educational tone in the broadest sense of the word. Spatial insight and emotional development will be stimulated by many of our products. But in the end, the most important thing is: The child should have fun again in the broadest sense! You can't put a price on a child's smile and that's what we love seeing most.